Healing and Renewal Events

To be spiritually healthy is all about all the needs of the whole person. Usually people think of being healthy in terms of being physically and emotionally healthy. However, IAM understands all health in terms of being in right relationships. To be healthy begins with caring for our relationship with God. Caring for that primary relationship then leads to proper relationships with our own bodies (physical health), with our own thoughts and behaviors (emotionally healthy), with our families and communities (relationally healthy), and with the land (ecologically healthy).

With that in mind, IAM's Healing and Renewal emphasis seeks to accomplish two things:

1. Help churches to be successful as agents of God's healing.
IAM pledges to work with all interested local churches as they organize local healing services and other events aimed at right relationships. IAM encourages the Steering Committees in the communities we serve to consider quarterly, community-wide Healing Services aimed at connecting local people to faith communities dedicated to spiritual health.

2. Bringing special events to the communities we serve.
Churches, and other IAM partners, have connections to amazing people and amazing organizations that have information and experience to share. IAM is dedicated to making these special presenters available through special events. Watch this page for special events as they come up (see below).


Healing and Renewal Supervisor,
Dorothy Bekoalok