Collective Impact

The goal of collective impact is to continuously partner with the many agencies and people in each community already working to bring health and healing. As we continue this process, we will remain agile to ways to incorporate faith-based components to community healing better while recognizing how much good is already underway.

Additionally, we are collecting data from as many sources as possible and conversing with various individuals and elders to continue developing our understanding of needs and solutions for our communities. The data the listeners submit monthly will be compiled and presented to the Steering Committee (SC) so that they can act as the voice of the community to the backbone organizations with the SC's "RECOMMENDED ACTIONS."

Our Collective Impact (CI) Program does two things to make our work practical and possible. First, CI has designed an online document that allows all of our staff to be able to report local needs. We already have data showing how important it is to address social needs, and the underlying issues behind those needs. Second, once funding is available, the Rev. Charles Brower will take the lead in working with our Listening Way Local Leaders to recruit other local leaders to form Steering Committees in each community. These committees of local people will both add their own reports on local needs, and will come together to develop their own ideas on how to better address those needs. It is our hope that the Steering Committees will actually design and guide new programs that will affect the future of their communities.